Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor (Motion Sensor)

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SECURITY FOR ALL: Got a smartphone, WiFi and somewhere to monitor? Our Kangaroo Motion Sensor has you covered. An easy step to a safer home, the Motion Sensor detects motion and sends an alert directly to your phone. Choose to monitor your own home with our free Basic plan, or kick it up a notch with our Complete plan, which includes the option to have professional monitoring. Great for keeping tabs on apartments, bedrooms, dorms or entire houses!

Top Positive Review

Biggest flaw would have to be no unique alert tone; it’s the same notification as any other app. It’s not possible to distinguish.

UPDATE: This company actually listened to my review and came up with a unique alert tone! And a perfect one at that. It is semi quiet which is good at ensuring an intruder doesn’t hear it, but eerie to where it wakes you up from deep sleep instantly. Ever since we had car break-ins, we leave our car unlocked with this alarm armed every night. We recently had men with gloves on going through our car at 4 am. The kangaroo alarm notification woke us up. We looked at our security cameras and saw the burglars. We called the police and they responded quickly and arrested the individuals. We are pressing charges.

Thank you Kangaroo. I told all my friends about this product. It works.

I installed mine on the windshield facing down. It detects any movement in the car, and does not detect outside the car. At night, car lights sometimes cause a false alarm, but hardly ever. We might move it inside the glove box to reduce false alarms. We will continue to leave our car unlocked and armed to catch punks and have them arrested.

Top Critical Review

If you do not sign up for their monitoring you only have an alert through their app, no text, sound or voice alerts. You have to check the app to find out if an alert was triggered and if you have the app open at the time of the alert it does not show the alert. You need to close the app and reopen it to see the notification. When you do have an alert, you have to disarm and rearm the device, no other options. The app cuts off part of fields in the setting, such as ??create a safety word?? the words after ??.. verify your?? are obscured. It did trigger alerts with motion, but the notification process is not acceptable. I would guess that if you signed up for their monitoring for $10/month the alert process would be better.

Customer Questions & Answers

How do you change batteries

Slide the front of the sensor upwards (away from the sensor dome) and pull the front cover off. Pull the batteries out and replace, ideally with 2 x AA Lithium batteries, but regular alkaline batteries work well too. https://www.amazon.com/Energizer-Ultimate-Lithium-Batteries-Count/dp/B071D87WPV/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8??

(please only answer if you know – if you don’t know, please skip) does this device have an open api that i could write my own software for?

Kangaroo uses an esp32 inside with boot and flash protection e fuses written. It appears that there are hacks to get around this due to some inherent flaws with the esp32 but they aren??t for the feint of heart. I wish they would allow the small diy community to have a little fun but they aren??t friendly to us unfortuna??

how quick do i get the notification
Answer: Not immediately, probably 15-20 seconds or more, had to send signal to wifi, and wifi to your phone.

Can this be connected to multiple devices?


Thank you for reaching out to us!

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Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor (Motion Sensor)
Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor (Motion Sensor)
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