JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch up to 7.0″

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???2 Pack waterproof pouch fits most smartphones up to 7.0″ diagonal size, compatible with devices up to 6.7″ x 4″(17cm x 10cm); Credit card wallet money waterproof dry bag for beach, pool, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling and water park activities

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I bought these at the last second for me and my travel partner. I also bought a waterproof camera that worked out GREAT, but we did not know how great it would be so we also wanted to take pics with our phones.

I was SO surprised how easy it was to operate the phone through the case! We followed all the instructions for testing the waterproofness in advance, etc. They were SO GREAT for our peace of mind.

It fit my iphone 12 mini and my friend’s iphone 13 Pro (just barely).

TWO SUGGESTIONS! Put your phone in upside down since it makes it a lot easier to use when you pick it up to face you. Also, get it all ready BEFORE you need to use it! The inside is super sticky and it takes some effort to get it in and get adjusted to using the phone in the case. So practice! We didn’t of course and it made for a lot of mistakes while we were on a boat and I was afraid one of our phones would end up in the water! Note that we used the cases on separate occasions, taking them out and back in, and that also worked out fine.

NOTE that we did NOT submerge our phones in these cases–we only used these as a safer means of using our phones for cameras (and music to a speaker) on a boat) so the cases were protective PLUS the lanyards saved the phone from slipping out of our hands, so I cannot speak to underwater pics. We used an underwater camera for that! Better peace of mind.

All in all, the BEST money I spent for that trip!

Top Critical Review

What does device to go to discovery Cove me and my brother both put our phones in the device so it won??t get wet when was snorkeling underwater my brothers phone was completely closed there was no area where I could see an opening and his phone was submerged into the water and water got into the pouch and completely damaged his phone now my brother is without a phone because we trusted this manufacturer that their product would do what it says to do don??t buy!!!

Customer Questions & Answers

iPhone 13 pro max ?
Answer: Should fit just fine. I compared it’s exact dimensions with my Z Flip 3, and they’re so close in size, I’m sure the 13 Pro Max will fit. The only tough fit with mine, is when I fold it closed…makes it thick enough to be a close call, but it still fits.

can this fit an 11 iphone ?
Answer: All available info indicates it should fit, but anything except a pretty minimal case may not allow it to fit. It’s almost certainly worth purchasing, and taking a small risk. If it ultimately doesn’t fit in whatever configuration you demand, it should be easy enough to return. Check the listing carefully for return policy.

Will it fit my iPhone 11?
Answer: It will fit as long as you don’t have your case on

Does this case float?
Answer: No

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JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch up to 7.0″
JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch up to 7.0″
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