JBL Tour ONE Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

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JBL PRO SOUND: From rich, punchy bass to thrilling top notes, your music will always sound amazing thanks to the dynamic 40mm dynamic drivers. JBL Tour One headphones are hi-res audio certified, supporting frequencies up to 40kHz, to ensure that your music always sounds the best that it possibly can, wireless.

Top Positive Review

Just had my pair of Jabra 85h headphones die on me (avoid those btw), so thought I’d try these since they were on sale…and so far it’s mostly good:

-Neutral sound profile is pretty great. These also tested well on Rtings.com in regards to their overall sound. Other reviews here on Amazon seem to complain about bass… but they seem fine to me, especially if you adjust any EQ settings on your device. If you like a REALLY heavy bass profile maybe these aren’t for you, but otherwise it should be plenty. Hip-Hop/EDM etc all have sounded pretty good to me.
-Easy connection/setup with Bluetooth
-Battery life has been as advertised so far, no complaints there

-The feel and materials of these headphones seem poor for something that has a MSRP of $300. I got them on sale for $150 so I guess I don’t care all that much… but very plasticky feeling/faux leather seems thin compared to other headphones I’ve had at this price point like Bose and Jabra. If not for the sound quality I would probably return these just based on the build quality. Hopefully they hold up…
-Noise cancelation not the best, but I bought these for at home office/work headphones so not that big of deal to me personally. Spend a little more and get Bose/Sony if ANC important to you.

Top Critical Review

I bought and tried a list of headphones with similar price range as these. I was originally stoked for them, as I have always been a fan of JBL.

The instant I put these on, I knew they were going back. The build quality is far from on par with similar offerings from Sony and Sennheiser. You could hear the distinct “ticking & creaking” of cheap plastic headphones. That was an immediate NO GO for headphones at this price level. However, decided to at least listen to them. As to why, its anyone’s guess.

The sound quality is so so. They are not as clear as the Sony XM4s and IMO, the Sony XM4s were basically the minimum sound quality for a pair of wireless noise canceling headphones near the price point these are at.

The noise canceling was also MEH. A the point when I was attempting to see how this feature worked they were most definitely headed back, so very little attention was given to a solid evaluation of performance.

If you buy these, don’t buy or listen to other similar offerings and compare. You will be disappointed in your purchase. But again, just my opinion.

I sincerely hope that JBL does something about these.

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JBL Tour ONE Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
JBL Tour ONE Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
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