J.LUMI YCA1050 PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch 2000W

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| ULTRA SLIM | Say good-bye to your bulky motion detectors. This all new designed PIR motion sensor features an amazing thin profile of 1-inch thickness only. Keep your ceiling line clean with this unconventional slim PIR ceiling occupancy sensor.

Top Positive Review

After looking around the big box home improvement store websites and finding all of the motion sensors for $75+, I went searching on amazon. I found this J Lumi sensor and for the price decided to give it a shot. I bought three for less than half of what I could find them for elsewhere and to my surprise they work exactly as I hoped. The closets only had pull chain fixtures with no wall switch, so a ceiling mounted solution seemed like an easier fit. I’m from Texas in the US, and they work fine with my standard 120V, 60 Hz house wiring. I finished installing the third in my third bedroom closet yesterday. They were installed somewhat close to the door frame to avoid false tripping from inside the bedroom. All three have been working perfectly. I read some complaints about the wire size. I used 14/2 solid romex from the hardware store and didn’t have any trouble. I would suspect 12/2 wouldn’t be much trouble either. I did have to go into the attic to jumper the wiring from the existing fixture to the sensor and back. All connections were made from inside the living space, but I had to feed the wiring down to the sensor. Each sensor has 4 clearly marked terminals for line side and load side connections. It does not include a ground connection, though if you were installing in a similar situation to me, the existing electrical box would presumably have a ground wire to the existing fixture.

I’m here to buy a couple more after the dog chewed one of the trim rings during installation, and to add one to another room.

One slight critique to the design: I would prefer that it sat more flush to the ceilng. Instead of a dome shape where the fattest part would sit flush it is more like a full UFO shape where it flares out but then goes back in. It mounts well and isn’t loose or janky looking, but I would prefer a cleaner look. For the price, or even for twice the price, I am fully satisfied with the product.

Top Critical Review

I??ll start with the positive:

Operation: as advertised. All fuctions seem to work well; except for the audible click, when it switches to on.

Installation: This is a classic case of the engineer not consulting with the installer. They designed a beautiful compact flying saucer with great lines; BUT, there is no position for the ground wire, and there is no way to mount this to a ceiling box to deal with that contingency. I had to break out some very old avionics skills to create a solution that didn??t leave uninsulated wires in my attic.

Instructions: They??re just plain awful. The whole thing leaves you scratching your head. It??s as though they tossed someone the disk, and left them to just look at it and imagine how you might wire and stick it to the ceiling. There are no directives on how far to strip outer or inner insulation, or bending measurements to land into the insertion screw terminals, and disregards that there??s a ground wire at all! ….much less how to have a splice fit into the 1 1/2?? x 1/2?? internal ??box??. The wiring ??diagram?? looks like it was scribbled on a bar napkin; leaving orientation up to your imagination. You??d do better to burn the instructions; using the firelight to see while you figure it out yourself!!

I came up with: strip the outer insulation on Romex to about an inch and a half, line and neutral inner insulation to 3/16??, and ground to 1??. Bend line and neutral at 1/4?? below outer insulation to 90 degrees for insertion, and use a two terminal ??stab lock?? type connection for ground wires that will fit within the device instead of a threaded wire nut.

Customer Questions & Answers

It get hot (>120) in arizona garage during the summer. would it react at all in such temp to a) person walking directly under b) opening garage door?

The fact that it works on 220 as well as 110, I wouldn’t be concerned with temerature. My garage is usually cooler inside then out so unless you have issues with melting plastic in your garage, it should be fine. As long as the garage opener is rated less then 2000W, it will work. Only issue is I would see is the garag??

Does this pick up motion on the other side of walls? (e.g. motion not in the room)

This is a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor, which detects infra-red signal emitted from the object (a person or a pet) to trigger the load. Therefore, the sensor can only detect motions of an infrared source in the same room, but not beyond walls.

There are other type of motion sensor that uses Doppler radar ??

Diagram is confusing. l=line, n= neutral for supply side. for load side there is n(neutral) and c(common?). is common hot for multiple fixtures?
Answer: There are 4 wiring terminal on this sensor. The L (for line) and N (for neutral) on left are for incoming live wires. The N (for neutral) and L (for line) on the right are for the load. Please let us know if you any further question by writing us at jaylumi@outlook.com. Thank you!

Could two of these sensors be installed in parallel to cover a single load (end goal is to cover blind spots)
Answer: They can be wired to cover a single load. It wouldn??t be parallel though. It would be in series. It would be like having two single pole switches wired in series connected to one load. You can??t do it in parallel because then you would need both sensors triggered at the same time to turn the load off if that makes sense.

what its the correct ceiling junction box ? i understand should be round and 4″ , or should be another size or not round?
Answer: If you are installing new, go with the 4″ round ceiling box. If you are working w/ anything else, the holes might still line up and if not, you can get all sorts of adapters hardware at the local home center.

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J.LUMI YCA1050 PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch 2000W
J.LUMI YCA1050 PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch 2000W
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