iMBAPrice 5V DC Wall Power Adapter UL Listed Power Supply (5-Feet

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Connector: 2.1/5.5mm Plug

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I recently purchased an Arturia Keystep Midi Controller & Sequencer Keyboard for music production to operate with both my desktop computer and iPad Pro. Powering the keyboard with my desktop computer isn’t an issue at all. But, while my second generation iPad Pro is capable of powering the keyboard through the Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter, the power provided through the adapter is insufficient to keep the iPad Pro charged while also powering the keyboard. As a result, a 9V power supply is needed to power the Keystep without draining the iPad’s battery over the course of a few hours. Unfortunately, the Keystep, like many other midi devices, does not come with its own power supply! And, as I discovered while doing a fair bit of research, most 9V power supplies don’t work with Arturia keyboards.

After reading many reviews, I decided on the iMBAPrice 9V, 0.5A, 500mA DC Power Supply Adapter, even though shipping was expected to take more than a week. Fortunately for me, the power supply arrived today, when it wasn’t expected to be here until Monday of next week. Sweet! As soon as I plugged the power supply into my keyboard and an extension cord (the power cord is only 5 feet long), I was pleased to see the keyboard light right up. I plugged the keyboard into the iPad Pro about an hour ago and fired up Garage Band, which is a bit of a resource hog on its own. The power supply adapter provides ample power to the keyboard, so now even after an hour in Garage Band, my iPad Pro is still fully charged. Problem solved!

For those with an Arturia Keystep or other Arturia keyboards that accept a 9V power source and don’t come with their own PSU, the 9V, 0.5A, 500mA power supply adapter should be all you need to operate your device from an outlet, rather than your computer or mobile device. Also, if you want to use your keyboard with an iPad or iPad Pro that still uses the lightning port instead of USB type-C, I recommend the Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter (with charging port) that I mentioned in the first paragraph of this review. It is also available on Amazon for around $40. These two adapters are all that you need to keep both the keyboard and iPad properly charged while playing in Garage Band or another mobile DAW.

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Top Critical Review

Ordered 3 of these. Worked for 6-months and no longer outputs the full 5v and keeps shutting off the equipment. They each failed over time but all right around the same time. Looking closer at the product now, this is a Blue-Iron power supply and not a iMBAPrice which is not listed in the photo OR the description. There’s no mention of any warranty or how to fulfill. Looking at Blue-Iron now, they’re based out of the UK so now it won’t even be cost effective to attempt a warranty replacement. iMBAPrice offers a 1-year warranty on their products. However, the one i was sent was not an iMBAPrice product. Buyers beware. With the product being 6-months old, there’s no chance for a return so I’ll be buying some different units with guaranteed warranties.

Customer Questions & Answers

does this product have a power indicator light?
Answer: No

Will this work with the sabrent 4 port usb 2.0 & the sabrent 4 port usb 3.0 hubs?
Answer: Try this:

Does this power supply work with the hauppauge hd pvr 2, or just the original hd pvr?
Answer: I’m not so sure but you can try it. The most important thing you should look out for is the Amp and voltage

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iMBAPrice 5V DC Wall Power Adapter UL Listed Power Supply (5-Feet
iMBAPrice 5V DC Wall Power Adapter UL Listed Power Supply (5-Feet
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