HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

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Increased Stability for Heavier Monitors – The upgraded base, built-in premium gas spring and large arms make this dual monitor mount more stable so it can securely hold two 13??-35?? screens weighing up to 26.4lbs. Compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm.

Top Positive Review

I have tried a few different mounts and this one is hands down the best mount I have come across. I am so very impressed with how heavy-duty it is built, and how well engineered it they are. This is the second one I have bought, the first has heavier monitors on it and they are as just as stable as this one. They come with all the parts and directions to install it. The adjustments are a breeze. Can’t wait to buy the next one for the garage.

Top Critical Review

I’m giving this 3 stars which means I won’t return it but I wouldn’t say I’m happy with it.

I purchased this to get my two 27″ monitors up off my desk and free up some space since it doubles as a workbench. One of them is an Apple Thunderbolt Display which weighs 23lbs/10.5kg, well over the weight limit of most arm systems but under the rating of this one.

Unfortunately the heavy monitor wobbles when I’m typing even on my super sturdy door desk. It also struggles to stay vertical, I had to really crank down on the mount point to keep it from tipping forward constantly. I’ll put up with it but I’m not thrilled with it. There’s also no detents to indicate level which I’ve seen on other arm setups.

I’m also disappointed in the geometry of the arms, if the desk is agains the wall they force the monitors super far out from the desk. I have a 36″ deep desk on purpose, so that I can use all the extra space. I haven’t yet figured out a way to get my two monitors side by side without a minimum of 19″ from the wall which is kinda ridiculous. They’ll get further away if you push them far apart, or if you raise them really high, but neither of those are particularly ergonomic. I don’t really gain much desk space because of how far forward they’re pushed which is a bummer, though there is plenty of room under them. I guess it’s designed desks with lots of open space behind them.

Final thoughts, the cable management is good, it can hold 3-4 thick cables per arm which is enough for the basics. I appreciate the two USB 3 ports but I wish they’d included an actual hub instead of 2 extension cords. The monitors move and rotate easily despite their weight. Assembly was trivial and all the tools were included.

EDIT: I’ve now had the arm 2 months and am reducing my rating from 3 stars to 1. The arm simply does not support the weight it’s advertised as being able to support. Both my heavy and light monitor are constantly sagging, tilting, and generally wandering out of position so it’s not just that I have a heavy monitor. Any time I bump my desk I have to spend a few minutes readjusting and re-tightening everything, it’s infuriating. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Customer Questions & Answers

Hi i have an asus vg27q however it has 2 bumps on the back of the monitor that keep the circular mount from lying flush with the mounting plate help?
Answer: The mount comes with spacers which you can use to account for the humps. The mount effectively is 1/8″ – 1/4″ away from the back of the monitor. Mine works fine that way. You could also get washers at a hardware store to do the same thing.

Will this work with the humancentric vesa mount adapter for aoc?
Answer: This monitor stand support vesa 75*75 or 100*100.If you have any question about our monitor stand,Please contact us at,Thanks!

I am mounting the base near the corner of 60″ desk with 2 x 24″. Fully extend, would the monitors end up close to middle of desk?
Answer: Yes. Arms can be extended forward nicely.

If I have a desk that only has 1 to 2 inches of horizontal surface underneath (the lip on the edge), will the arms still clamp onto my desk?
Answer: My desk is the same size as yours and I had no issue clamping it down. and hasn’t caused any damage to the desk.

Can I mount it on my glass desk?

It’s better not directly mount this dual monitor stand on a glass desk. For mounting monitor stand on a glass desk, please add a monitor mount reinforcement plate on the glass desktop and then clamp the stand to the reinforcement plate and desk. Please kindly search “HNMUA4” or “B08CK24TCX” for the monitor mount reinfo??

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HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand
HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand
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