Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd – PlayStation Vita

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…don’t fix it, and fortunately, Sega has continued a winning formula with the 2nd installment of Project Diva F. Chances are, if you’re thinking about buying this game, you know what to expect, but after putting in a few hours day one with the game, here are some observations.

The core gameplay is intact from the first Project Diva F with just a few modifications. New features include the addition of “double stars” (which require the tapping of both directional sticks to clear) and “linked stars”, where a single star target moves along a path, and the target must be hit at several points along the path.

Other minor tweaks to the game include small changes in the Diva room (the head-petting game is still there with a few small modifications; the characters seem to get annoyed somewhat more easily this time around). There are also more items to buy in the shop, such as skins to customize the look of the game.

If you’ve tracked down an import copy of Project Diva 2nd for the PSP, many of the songs which are unlockable early in the game will be familiar, including “Melt”, “Packaged”, and “Clover Club”. I really like all of those songs, so that is a plus, but there are a number of other songs on the setlist which are recycled from earlier Project Diva installments. If this really bothers you, then you should probably deduct one star from the game’s rating.

One major change from the first Project Diva F game is the difficulty levels. The overall difficulty of the “Easy” and “Normal” levels seems significantly ramped up from the previous games. I’d say a 4-star difficulty song in normal mode this time around would be equivalent to a 5 or 6 star song in hard mode in the previous game. For instance, there are some weird button sequences that show up in normal mode that wouldn’t have appeared until the hard difficulty level in the previous game. Interestingly, hard mode seemed pretty similar to the previous game. Extreme mode seems all over the place. I was able to clear “Melt” on extreme mode (7.5 stars) on the first try with no real difficulty, but Levan Polka (9 stars) in extreme mode was blisteringly hard!

As with the previous game in the series, there is no shortage of content with plenty of songs to unlock, and a plethora of modules, gadgets, and skins to collect. Also, if you have save data from the first game you can import it; diva points won’t carry over, but items/modules unlocked in the first game will carry over.

In addition, you can now use multiple assist/challenge options during a song. Some of the familiar options return (continue once if song energy hits zero, eliminate double targets, etc.), but there are some new challenge items to keep even the most veteran players coming back. For example, you can choose to make all of the notes “nano-sized” (which is more challenging than it sounds!), speed up the notes, or have the notes to come from random directions. Stack a couple of those and you could make for some extreme challenges!

I’d say if you are new to the series, you might consider picking up the first Project Diva F first, but if you’ve already played that game, then there is no reason not to have its sequel in your game library. Now it’s time to quit writing and get back to the game!

Top Critical Review

Game was ok but I was saddened that it didn’t bring anything new as far as gameplay. More like an expensive dlc expansion. Speaking of dlc costumes are over priced and majority of sounds from previous game AND they are waaaay over priced!

Customer Questions & Answers

is it in english? (since It coming from SEGA of america)
Answer: of coures it’s in english. Haven’t you watched walktroughs of it? or the previous one?

Song wise how does this compare to the first game? I’m thinking about getting the first game, but if they have the same songs maybe I won’t.
Answer: I would get the first game first then when you’re done playing it get the second one. They both have different songs in each game, but some songs may sound similar but it’s not the same. They all have different difficultly levels and I would say they’re both fun to play. It’s all about preference though.

Is the first one worth buying, if I get this one? Does the second one have the same songs, but more?

No, it doesn’t have the same songs. It has an entirely new set-list. Both are worth buying, especially on Vita though you can’t go wrong with the PS3 versions either. The real question is what are your favorite Vocaloid songs? That’s honestly a subjective taste, and both set-lists have a good amount of songs. I persona??

On the vita version, can I import the save data from the first game from ps3 or does it have to be from a vita save?

yes you can, but you have connect to PSN on both the ps3 and the ps-Vita. To inabe coera save go to the “Options”, then in to “game Options”, afher at you should see “Cross-Save”, turn it on to manual or Auto (I like manual). If you have manual on, go to the “Save” in the Options, and it should say ” Save complete Do y??

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd – PlayStation Vita
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd – PlayStation Vita
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