GE Personal Security Motion Sensing Alarm with Keychain Remote

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Effective security solution helps protect your home against invasions, 120-decibel siren deters would-be intruders and provides peace of mind

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It is a very useful alarm. I’m using it in Haiti. There is no electricity all time, so, this one with a batteries is best when there is a shortage.

This alarm powered with batteries save my life. Yes, it is true. On march 3rd, 2 robbers get into my yard. They too my generator, a bicycle. When they open my car parked close to the alarm, the motion sensor was activated and the robbers fled. In the morning I see the scene on my video camera. Because of the sound of the GE alarm, The thieves couldn’t getting to my home.
Thank you, thank you this little GE alarm for saving my life.

Top Critical Review

This was easy to set up and install, and relatively inexpensive. I have only two complaints.

1) You cannot set it to go off immediately upon sensing motion. It beeps once, and flashes for 30 seconds before alarming. This might give an intruder adequate time to make off with something or move to another location.

2) The big problem is that we had multiple false alarms. I suspect that they were due to an insect (moth or whatever) passing too close to the sensor. I think it was the third night after we installed the alarm that it went off for the first time, toward 4:30 AM. Startled and certain that there was an intruder in our home, we bounded downstairs, found a screen dislodged, and called police. It turned out that the house was secure, and the screen had either fallen out on its own or been knocked out earlier in the day by our dog. The dog sleeps in a confined space, so it wasn’t he who set off the alarm. The window itself had not been breached. These false alarms continued intermittently, though. After the third or fourth time being awakened at some ungodly hour, I installed Woshida Wireless Anti-Theft Remote Control Door And Window Security Alarms in the room instead. They’ve been working fine for us.

I haven’t even found another place in our home to use the motion sensor, since I have no confidence that it won’t constantly false alarm. So far as I can tell, there’s no way to adjust the sensitivity or otherwise prevent this.

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GE Personal Security Motion Sensing Alarm with Keychain Remote
GE Personal Security Motion Sensing Alarm with Keychain Remote
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