FIFA 15 – PlayStation Vita

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This was a gift for a friend who enjoyed it a lot.

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This game deserves one star, although new comers who play it for the first time will find it fun, as did I when I had tried it for the first time in March 2012. Two and a half years on, with the forth installation, EA still sells you the same game and charges you full price for it. I am not overly disappointed though, I had seen this coming especially when the game is labeled “Legacy Edition” to warn you that it will be an exact same game you played last year, with updated kits.

But I did expect the updating to be more whole-heartedly than that. In fact, not only did the graphics and the game play stay the same, but the commentary is also the reused one from 2012! Reusing the same commentary script means that young and emerging players will not have their names in the commentary. Some players don’t even have their profile photos, such as Albert Moreno at Liverpool. Some players do get new hair cuts. But the people who are employed to do the updating must be very lazy, since many players got no hair at all. I have seen a number of players go bald – probably because the updating staff can’t finish the job on time. Thus, if you play Liverpool, there will be a bald Adam Lallana there at the Merseyside. This is shameful, an obvious laziness.

I don’t know why I keep paying the same amount of money just to play a game that deteriorate each and every year. The old/reused commentary would sound ridiculous even to customers who purchase Fifa 15 without any previous experience, let alone those who bought it 4 times. Charging full price for a lazy update that leaves players bald is insulting to new customers, who will soon find out that they were ripped off by an old deteriorating product.

What can I say? That’s EA for you. Forbes vote them as the most shameful company on the planet two year ago, and that still holds true.

Customer Questions & Answers

does it work with pstv?
Answer: Trust me you don’t to get this game! It’s not even FIFA 15, it’s FIFA 11 with a different title! It’s a bunch of BS! Plus no online!

can i set spanish as primary languge ? or its only in english……
Answer: Nope just English! Don’t buy it it’s FIFA 12 under the name FIFA 15! No online, players look bad, game play is the same as FIFA 12

The is for the Wii Platform, does it work with a Wii U Console?
Answer: It obviously says PsVita lol

Is it compatible with wi fi psp vita?
Answer: Oh yes

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FIFA 15 – PlayStation Vita
FIFA 15 – PlayStation Vita
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