EATON Lighting MS180 180 Degree Replacement Motion Security Floodlight Sensor

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180 degree detection zone up to 70 ft.

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This sensor was not a “replacement” but, instead, was part of my new installation of the pole-mounted LED floodlight over my driveway. The pole also houses an intercom and a numeric touch-pad which activates our motorized gate. This sensor mounts through a standard 1/2″ knock-out and causes my light to automatically illuminate those items for visitors to see after darkness.

Doing the expected job of activating the light when it detects motion after dark, this sensor keeps the light on for the duration that I set for it or as long as there is motion.

On the package containing this sensor, “tungsten” was indicated, but it works just fine with the LED light above it, which produces far more illumination per watt.

The sensitivity and shut-off delays have ample adjustment ranges for my needs. Since this is a new installation, I have no experience with how long it will last, but currently it is performing as expected.

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I was looking for a motion sensor that would work with a 100w LED flood light. It appears that no one on the face of earth makes a stand alone unit. The information for this model Eaton sensor is not stated on the web site and when I got it I found out that its good for only 50 watt LED lights. Their customer service was worthless, so back it goes. They said that they have NO stand alone sensor even for commercial or industrial LED’s! With the advent of LED lighting why can’t the manufacturers list the specifics for that type of lighting on the web site so the consumer doesn’t have to go through this?
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Customer Questions & Answers

Does it work with regular led lights or only with dimmable leds?

This sensor works similar to a simple on and off switch. If it is dark and motion is detected it turns on. After a set period of time it shuts off. The load is irrelevant as long as it does not exceed 300 watts. So yes, this will work with both dimmable and nondimmable LED bulbs however, you will not be able to dim??

can i use this on a 100w LED spot light?
Answer: Yes, it can handle a load of 300W. I’ve wired it into a 200W light. You’ll need to run power into a junction box, attach the sensor to the box and wire it there, then run that power to your light.

Does it come in white? Mycondo requires matching colors.
Answer: Yes it does come in white, but I don’t have the white version. You can get it through another vendor I think. Thanks!

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EATON Lighting MS180 180 Degree Replacement Motion Security Floodlight Sensor
EATON Lighting MS180 180 Degree Replacement Motion Security Floodlight Sensor
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