EARTHLITE Disposable Face Cradle Covers ?C Medical-Grade

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EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT: EARTHLITE Disposable Face Cradle Covers are easy to use in place of cotton or flannel covers, which require washing after each use. Product stores easily in table and chair carry cases.

Top Positive Review

These disposable covers add a layer of protection over washable covers, no more black mascara and lipstick stains. I’ve been using various face cradles for 25 years and, no matter what, there is always a hint of discomfort from having the face pressed into something, no matter how soft, for a long period of time. Somehow, these thin, soft, luxurious feeling covers add a level of comfort between the face and cradle cushion. In my never ending quest for the perfect face cradle cushion, I think I’ve found the best answer recently. I cut a piece of memory foam pad that was from years ago (so smells and chemicals have long volatilized) into the cradle cushion shape. I placed it under the fleece cover, between the cradle cushion and fleece cover. I put a washable cover over that and the disposable cover on top of that. Since I started doing this I receive comments constantly about how comfortable the face cradle is, especially from new clients who’ve experienced other face cradles. I notice clients fall asleep more often and just generally seem more relaxed . I highly recommend this product and will buy again.

Top Critical Review

They are a pain in the pinfeathers to get apart, especially when at an event and trying to get multiple people on it takes precious time away. Further more; about one in 10 rip or snag when trying to get apart, causing even more lost time and making the torn ones useless. Overall I would say they are just mediocre and would work best if you use them on a massage table instead of just using a pillow case or head cover, but I can’t imagine that to be ideal either.

Customer Questions & Answers

Do they have them in square shaped?
Answer: No sorry we do not, we only have this style and the fitted. Soon we will have eye pillow cover disposables. The EARTHLITE Team

How many packs of 100 are in the “300” count? Your ad is confusing.

I bought a single package containing 100 of these headrest covers for $16.47 just like the ad stated at that time. That means I paid ( 0.1647 ) or $0.16 cents a piece for each individual cotton headrest.
Looking at the sellers current ad (December 2014) for a 300 count for a whopping $109 has to be a mistake. $16.47??

Do these sit well on a massage chair?
Answer: Yes they do. I don’t use the chair’s face rest at a nearly-vehicle angle, I use it in a 45?? or less angle, so yes they sit well, thanks to gravity!

How does it compare to the Oakworks headrest covers in terms of softness?
Answer: Hi, I’ve never used the headrest covers from Oakworks. These Earthlite ones are very soft though.

I use these all the time. How can the price be $7.00 one day and $20.00 the next?Good thing I just received 600 for $42.00.Set for awhile but come on
Answer: $7.00 is not Earthlite. Please email the link for $7.00.

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EARTHLITE Disposable Face Cradle Covers ?C Medical-Grade
EARTHLITE Disposable Face Cradle Covers ?C Medical-Grade
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