Digital Camera 44 Mega Pixels Small Camera 2.7K Vlogging Camera Portable Camera with 16X Digital Zoom

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Digital Camera 44 Mega Pixels Small Camera 2.7K Vlogging Camera Portable Camera with 16X Digital Zoom, 2 Batteries Kids Camera for Students, Teens (Black)

?44MP 2.7K Digital Camera?The digital camera fitted with 44.0MP photo resolution, 2.7K high definition video.This mini camera will help you to capture the most exciting and meaningful moments with high-quality images and videos, and it allows your friends, children and parents to enjoy clear shots or videos.

Top Positive Review

I don’t usually buy extended warranty, however my wife did this time. I dropped the camera into the ocean and that was the end of that. My wife thought she had bought the warranty and indeed she had. Submitted claim and pictures and on second day I received a amazon gift card for the full amount.


Top Critical Review

I purchased a 3-year protection plan with Tech Support $60-69.99 when I purchased a Crenova Trail Camera from Amazon back in October 29, 2010.

I had set up the account as soon as I received the plan via email. This plan was to cover the Crenova Trail Camera that I purchased from Amazon for 3 years. (My return window for the Crenova Trail Camera on Amazon has since expired.)

The Crenova Trail Camera worked fine for approximately 10 months, then it just stopped working – regardless of placing in new batteries, swapping SD cards, and checking everything on the unit. I cannot get it to turn on, let alone do anything else. IT JUST STOPPED WORKING.

I tried contacting Crenova directly about this issue, but it seems this company doesn’t exist, is no longer in business, OR doesn’t follow up with emailed inquiries to their (They responded to me when I first purchased the camera and submitted information to them in order to receive a “1-year hassle-free Return Policy,” but now that I’ve tried to contact them to get authorization for a refund, I haven’t heard anything back from them.)

So I tried to submit a claim via Asurion regarding my Crenova Trail Camera “paperweight” issue. I submitted everything they requested ONLINE, only to receive a response to contact the manufacturer since “I still had a warranty with them.” So my claim to Asurion WAS NOT submitted. Furthermore, when I tried contacting them through their CHAT option – both yesterday and today -, I was unable to connect with anyone. I just received a message indicating that there is NO ONE AVAILABLE to CHAT!

Now, I’m wondering whether Asurion is still in business, since I cannot get a hold of anyone. (I cannot call from where I live because my cell/wifi reception is absolutely horrible and we wouldn’t remain connected!)

I PAID $8.00 to Asurion for a 3-year Protection Plan, and right now, it appears that I’m out $70 from the Crenova Trail Camera purchase AND the $8.00, 3-year Asurion Protection Plan!

It appears you can register things easily online once you pay for their so-called “Protection Plan,” but if you need any assistance, they’re NO WHERE to be found!

I know my internet is lousy where I live as well, but seriously, at least the CHAT feature on other sites have functioned when I used them. Asurion does NOT appear to have anyone there available to respond though when I try!

So, I’d recommend that everyone save their money in the future by NOT purchasing their so-called “protection plan,” because once you need to use it, you’ll be forced to go through a lot of steps only for them to respond with an “automated prompt” instructing you to call the manufacturer with the phone number they responded with.

I’m truly angry because I cannot afford to toss this amount of money (for the purchase AND the protection plan) “out the window” for something that I had hoped would have: 1) lasted longer than 10 months AND 2) be covered by Asurion and Crenova.

I do NOT recommend purchasing the Asurion Protection Plan at all.

Customer Questions & Answers

how do you charge the battery? do you leave it in the camera and plug it in? is that it?
Answer: Yes, you just leave it in the camera and plug the USB cable in.

What case do you recommend for this camera?
Answer: Any small camera case should be fine, it is very slim and light weight and should fit fine in any standard size camera case.

Is this camera water resistant or water proof?
Answer: We haven’t tested that but I would assume it isn’t. It has noticeable seams between different areas and it’s very … economically … made so I would assume for the price and camera itself that it wouldn’t be anyway.

Does this camera record videos?
Answer: I purchased this camera for an angel tree gift and I’ve already dropped off all of the gifts so I don’t have the item to get better details, but I remember that it did say on the box that it could record video. It holds up to a 256 GB SDXC card, so there’s room for video.

Does this take a micro/mini sd card or full size sd card?
Answer: Full-size sdxc memory card up to 256 GB.

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Digital Camera 44 Mega Pixels Small Camera 2.7K Vlogging Camera Portable Camera with 16X Digital Zoom
Digital Camera 44 Mega Pixels Small Camera 2.7K Vlogging Camera Portable Camera with 16X Digital Zoom
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