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When I bought this movie I expected a run of the mill thriller–something like Fatal Attraction or Body of Evidence. Instead I got a murder mystery that metastasized into the topic of homosexuality which in turn force-fed me through a sort of surprise shock ala Crying Game. No, I did not like the subject matter nor did I like how I was tricked into confronting the lead actor’s duplicity towards his wife. Yuck!

Despite my disgust of the topic I give the film’s originality a marginal thumbs up. The direction and pacing are unique and the African American church scenes are solid. It reminded me of my First Baptist Church in Williamsburg. Nevertheless, this is not a film for children nor for squeamish adults. I grudgingly give it Four Stars because it kept you guessing. I’m the 258th person to review this film. Buy it and you may or may not like it.

A. Nathaniel Wallace, Jr.

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I purchased this movie because I couldn’t find it on Youtube. Someone told me, “It’s so good.!” I concluded she doesn’t see many movies. The acting is awful. Why is the interrogation room dark? The story line is weak. It’s like watching a “Lifetime” movie: big house, no relatives–no friends, except for the ones the lead actress has just met–no backbone. The film is full of unrealistic foolishness: Who gives a woman in distress, a gun? Who leaves an expensive camera behind after a photoshoot and says that she’ll pick it up the next day? What was up with the lead actresses hair? What a HOT mess, before she finds out her husband is a homosexual. What woman leaves behind a pair of expensive earrings? To top it all off, after her husband admits to sleeping with several men and has an HIV possibility, she kisses him in the mouth without, at least cellophane between their lips. Since the film is such a disgrace to women and black film, it’s best placed in the trash and passed on.

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