Canon MP11DX-2 Printing Calculator

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Handle a variety tasks right from your desk with this printing calculator, which offers 12 characters per line. The device comes with plenty of helpful business functions, like profit margin calculator keys, so you can bring your company to the top.

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My previous calculator of 20+ years was a Canon MP21D. I loved it until it died. That is a long life for a calculator. In choosing a replacement, the MP11DX sounded like a good fit since it would use the same ribbons. It is slightly smaller which makes it fit into the space on my desk better. All calculators I have ever used in the past were simple plug in and use (of course after removing packaging protections). However, I had trouble getting the sleep mode to work properly. I finally had to unplug it, remove the battery and replace the battery, plug it back in and then press the reset button again. Once I did all that it finally worked right. I don’t use the calendar function anyway, so I wish it did not have it, the sleep mode, and battery that at some point will have to be replaced. This is the first time I have seen one with a pen/pencil holder. That is a nice touch.

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Believe it or not, I managed to spill coffee (with cream and sugar, no less!!) onto the keyboard of my calculator, which caused the keys to stick. So off to Amazon I went to replace it. This time, I ordered a Sharp calculator as well as this Canon calculator, so I could compare the two for future replacements. At first, I liked this Canon calculator better than the Sharp calculator, perhaps because I’m used the the layout of the keys. However, the one thing that bugs me is that Canon has added a “sleeper” feature, which I find annoying. A calculator display takes minimal electricity so it doesn’t really need to go to sleep after a few minutes. What annoys me the most is that they added this feature to an existing model number instead of creating a new model number. What’s more, they did not mention this feature in their user manual. I thought my calculator had broken down, and it was only when I googled the problem of it shutting down did I find that this was a feature rather than a faulty piece of equipment. When I order a replacement and specify the model number, I want it to be exactly the same as the calculator that I was replacing. This is a different model and they should not have pawned it off as the same model as before. If they are going to add a feature like this, they should also provide a way for me to turn it off if I don’t want to use it. I will definitely think twice before I go back to Canon when it comes time to replace this calculator. Perhaps I will learn to love the Sharp calculator and relegate this one to the back office.
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Canon MP11DX-2 Printing Calculator
Canon MP11DX-2 Printing Calculator
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