C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio with Clock and Sleep Timer

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AM/FM and NOAA Weather Band Pocket Sized Radio

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I have dealt with this warrenty company before. They are awesome to work with. I left a wrong rating on this site by accident. I apologize sincerely. They are a great warrenty company. Again I apology for my mistake. The incorrect one has been removed.

Top Critical Review

FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD! I purchased a high quality portable radio from Amazon, and also bought the 3 year extended warranty. The radio is back ordered for a MONTH, yet the warranty starts the day of purchase! I talked to the Asurion representative, and was told “that’s our policy”. So I’m paying for 36 months of warranty, but receiving lass than 35 months. This is fraud, and I’m reporting it to rhe Attorney General.

Customer Questions & Answers

Currently have the Sangean DT-200X. Would I benefit from an upgrade to the CC Pocket radio?
Answer: i own them both. the cc pocket is far superior to the sangean dt-200x and any other radio of this type. i own many radios both new and vintage,the cc pocket competes favourably with any of them.

Can this radion also get NOAA Channels?
Answer: Yes. This radio allows you to choose among seven different NOAA weather channels to listen to. The received signal is clean and clear in my area (a Seattle suburb).

the fm antenna is it a wire like the sangean or is it metal extendable like traditional radios?

This great little radio comes with an included antenna cable (not the stiff pull-out antenna like on some radios). You plug this into the headphone jack and listen to the radio with the speaker switch turned to “on.” Otherwise, if you’re listening with headphones, the wire in the headphones cable acts as an antenna. ??

I like to wake up to the radio. Does it have an alarm clock with a radio setting?

The alarm function is invoked by pressing memory button 2 for a couple seconds while the radio is OFF.
Once you set the alarm time, an alarm icon appears on the display.
When the alarm goes off the radio makes a LOUD beeping sound.??

Can you combine am and fm presets?

You cannot combine AM and FM presets because you will only be on AM or on FM at any given time. You can’t be on both at the same time.
However, if I read the manual correctly, you actually get 25 AM and 25 FM presets. There are 5 AM and 5 FM on ‘Page 1’. Press and hold the ‘2’ and you get ‘Page 2’ with 5 more AM and ??

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C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio with Clock and Sleep Timer
C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio with Clock and Sleep Timer
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