Budge Lite Car Cover Indoor/Outdoor

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Entry Level Car Cover: The Budge Lite Car Cover Size 3 Has Durable Single-Layer Polypropylene Protecting Against Dust, Debris, Paint, Falling Objects And Moderate Uv Exposure. Double Stitched Seams Provide Added Durability, And Our Non-Abrasive Materials Won??T Scratch Your Car

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For basic protection for a car parked inside, this car cover can’t be beat. But, if you need greater protection from weather or want to store your vehicle outside, you’ll need something else.

This is the second Budge car cover I’ve used and I am satisfied with both. I used a size 4 for a Gen. 5 Camaro that fit very well and now have this size 3 for a C7 Corvette Stingray. The size 3 fits the Corvette extremely well and covers the front completely, including the air dam as well as the rear, including the rear fairings and tailpipe tips. Obviously, it’s not a custom fit, so it fits loosely on the sides, particularly over the mirrors. However, the elastic bottom keeps it in place firmly and I had no need to tie it. The material is soft, so I have no worries about the cover scratching the car while being put in place.

The cover is very thin and lightweight. As a result, I would have no expectation that it would last at all if it were used outside. It is not weatherproof or even water-resistant and, as it is somewhat loosely fitted, I do not think it would stay in place if there were any wind. If you need to store your vehicle outside, this is not the cover to use. For inside storage (I store my car in a garage), this works just fine. I would prefer if it were water-resistant, but it does the job of keeping off dust and debris.

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I bought this car cover in the 157 inch length for my boyfriend’s 1986 Toyota MR2. It was a snug fit, just in case anyone was wondering.

The cover seemed to be fine when we put it on the car. We have two other Budge covers and they are holding up just fine. However, this one is not.

It was delivered on the 25th of June and we put it on the car about a week later. Since that time, every time I go out to the driveway there are more and more rips in the cover. At first there was only one at the rear corner on the spoiler – I thought maybe someone caught their bag on it or something and, oh well, we could live with it.

However, the more time passed, the more rips became apparent all over the car and when I went to inspect it, I was shocked. As soon as my fingers touched the cover it began to disintegrate under a very light touch. This cover is crumbling after only three weeks being on the car.

I am going to utilize the warranty to get a replacement and if the replacement is the same quality as the other covers we have, I will update this review, but so far I am very disappointed in this cover. It’s not high end by any means, but it shouldn’t be disintegrating after a month of use.
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Budge Lite Car Cover Indoor/Outdoor
Budge Lite Car Cover Indoor/Outdoor
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