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I have an EBIKE, which I ride quite often. I ride it on a Greenway walking/bicycle path, where people also walk their dogs. I find, at times, that some dogs are very aggressive, and because their owners are not responsible enough to train them, they lunge at my bike, causing me to take evasive action, perhaps falling, causing me to have an accident, or possibly getting bit. I have complained to the proper authorities re this situation, and have been advised that until they personally see the incident, or I get bit, nothing can be done. VOLIA, with my new sunglass camera, I’m all set! They work perfectly! Great resolution, great price, and I feel much better if, and when the occasion arises when I need to document a situation.

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I buy a lot of things on amazon, and it??s really hard to tell exactly WHAT I purchased this warranty for, the email receipt gives no indication whatsoever except for the purchase date and approximate price window. I don??t know how the customer service is, but I can??t even tell what I paid this coverage for.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Does this radio require a license to use it for consumers everyday use?
Answer: Yes, you must have a license for operating a GMRS radio.

Does this radio have better range then the a regular gmrs radio

I have compared the range of this with other GMRS HTs and found that it is generally better. I replaced the antenna with a Nagoya NA-771, but even the stock antenna seems to out preform the best radios with fixed antennas. The settings on this radio have a lot more options making it much more versatile but may take sli??

So, it’s a stripped down modified uv82 with fixed gmrs only channels to get the fcc certification? but why is it limited to 2 watts in the permit?
Answer: The answer I got from BTech re: the power was “The guaranteed minimum high power output of the GMRS-V1 is 2W.” I think the important word here is “guaranteed.” I’ve heard of other owners getting anywhere from 3 to 5 watts output. The most BTech will _guarantee_ is 2. YMMV

When will this unit be update to reflect the new changes in gmrs rules?

Nov. 11, 2017

The same model with updated Firmware (US32418) was released. The GMRS V1 now has all 30 channels as given in the new GMRS rules, (the additional seven FRS 467 MHz interstitials channels along with the older 23 GMRS channels including the eight repeater channels).The channels have also been moved so it??

Can this be programmed to legally talk on frs channels? as well as gmrs. or does it only monitor frs? if not, what radio can.

YES, this radio can legally talk on FRS channels as well as GMRS.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and bad opinions being given as people have not apparently read the new FCC Part 95, Subpart E (GMRS) regulations that went into effect Sept. 28, 2017. The 30 new GMRS channels are the same as the old and new 22 FRS??

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