Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip

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Our sweet puppy got a hold of my son??s AirPods and chewed one of them. Thank goodness I chose to purchase AppleCare+. Their customer service was amazing and said that we had two instances and this would count as one and they will be mailing us a new pair.

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This is one of the purchases where everything that could go wrong did go wrong…
The first time I purchased the Airpods with the additional AppleCare, I waited anxiously for them to arrive. I happened to be at home on the expected day of delivery so I was surprised when I saw the delivery status ‘Customer Refused Delivery.’ Nope. That definitely didn’t happen. I called into Amazon’s customer service, who told me, “Disregard that status message. They are Airpods – they probably got stolen. Things can go missing between the warehouse and delivery.” Uh, ok. They refunded both the Airpods and the AppleCare, as (THIS IS IMPORTANT) the AppleCare, though sold separately, is connected to the device via the serial number when purchased.
Cut to my second attempt at purchasing the Airpods and the AppleCare… I received the Airpods, and like so many others who have purchased them and left reviews, the left Airpod was defective. I returned the Airpods and received a refund with no issue. However, when I inquired with customer service about refunding the AppleCare (because as I mentioned, when purchased, it is associated with the Airpods via serial number), I was told that a one time exception had already been made for me and they couldn’t refund it again. So, because of what was an issue on Amazon’s end initially, I’m now screwed out $29 for the AppleCare purchase when I was sent defective Airpods.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Se me extraviaron mis aud??fonos lo de una horeja
Answer: Te refieres a la almohadilla. Si es as?? creo qu?? hay repuestos!

These are not working on my Windows 10 PC, what are we doing wrong?
Answer: You have to make to Bluetooth them correctly. Press and hold power for 6 seconds.

Are these 100% sound proof? My ex likes to sing at the top of his lungs. Have to make sure I can??t hear him….
Answer: Aug. 27, 2021. Still no update.

I needed some new headphones, I now need answers.

But fr how sound proof are these mfs?

how is the quality of the mic
Answer: Fabulous!!! Unless you have them backwards then it sounds like your in a can. The mic is angles perfectly for wearing them correctly

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip
Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip
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