BAOFENG UV-5R MK2 FCC Approved 5 Watt 2022 Handheld Dual Band Ham Radio

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??Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.5 x 3.7 in, Weight: 1.1 pounds, 1500mAh Battery, Output Power: 4/1Watts

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I purchased a portable digital audio player. Just under $40… obviously not intended to pass it down from one generation to the next. Just the same, I expected it last at least a couple years. (I try to take care of my stuff.) I decided to spend a few bucks more and have a GUARANTEE that it would last 3 years. Asurion fit the bill.

Alas – the audio player “gave up the ghost” about 7 months into my ownership experience. It worked in the morning… in the afternoon I pushed the power button – NOTHING. I tried charging it… pushed the “reset” button… exchanged a couple emails with their so-called tech support people. It quickly became apparent that its useful life was over.

I tried to enter a claim online… the brand name of the player was obscure enough that it wasn’t on the list. So I called the toll-free number and spoke with a very informed and helpful Asurion agent. In five minutes we had made arrangements for a refund. She emailed me a prepaid return label, to send the defective player back, and less than 24 hours later I had a full refund in the form of “Amazon credit” for the purchase amount. So I was out 4 bucks (the cost of the Asurion) rather than 40.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat – in fact, I did! I also purchased a 3-year plan to cover my digital camera, for about 1/10 the cost of the camera. Peace of mind is worth something, and I have confidence in the Asurion product at this point.

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I figured it was worth the 4 bucks because I bought a cheap head unit. The product arrived defective, so I went through all the forms only to be told that it’s been too soon since purchase and that I should contact Amazon. The effective date on the policy claims that “the date of delivery” is when protection starts. I love it when I’m scammed. So many people lose their info or forget they bought they even bought this so you’d think they’ve made enough money to actually fulfill a claim.
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Customer Questions & Answers

What battery eliminator is compatible with this uv5r mk2 radio?
Answer: Dear Sir,

You can use any kind of battery eliminator the is compatible to UV 5R series radios.

Warmest Regards, Mirkit Team.

Is this version compatible with chirp? which model would I select in the program?
Answer: This version works with chirp. I used CHIRP daily-20211207 on a linux machine.

Do you need a ham operator??s license to use this radio?
Answer: yes and no, yes if you transmit, no if you just use it to listen like i do, and of course if you need emergency help and cant get to a phone you can broadcast for help and no one will prosecute you over it, i live where there is no phone or cell towers so emergency is the main reason i got this one

Can you pick up police and fire transmissions?
Answer: Yes

some channels get interferance that sounds like a fax or a computer modem. The channel then locks on and it is annoying. Can this be adjusted?

Dear Customer, thank you for the question.

This Baofeng uv-5r radio gives possibility to reach a vast spectrum of different frequences, some of them may be already used for office needs, other can be locked with sub-tone or use password.

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BAOFENG UV-5R MK2 FCC Approved 5 Watt 2022 Handheld Dual Band Ham Radio
BAOFENG UV-5R MK2 FCC Approved 5 Watt 2022 Handheld Dual Band Ham Radio
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