BAOFENG 2 Pack 8W Radio+1 Cable+2 speaker 2 Pack Tri-Power 8/4/1W Two-Way Radio Transceiver

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FCC Part 15 & Part 97 Certified. High/ Mid/Low Power (8W/4W/1W)

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I picked this radio bundle up along with an extended battery and new antennas. I also got a subscription to an online data bank of radio signals for $15. My total investment to get into HAM radio was $165. After following a programming guide I am now able to listen to the repeaters in my area as well as emergency channels such as police, fire, NOAA. So far it is working great and I cant wait to get my licence to start chatting myself.

The radios seem to be a good quality and I have had no issues so far with them. I will update if I do but for now they get a 5 star. Knowing that I have a means to communicate even if cell towers go down is a great reassurance to me. If that was your intent for looking at this product then I say spend the money and you wont regret it.

Top Critical Review

I purchased this radio through Amazon and it arrived very quickly within two to three days. Great job Amazon! I charged the battery fully last night for over 5 hours before using it as the manual suggests. I changed the antenna out with a longer nagoya antenna for better transmission and reception. I had the radio on and listening for about three hours on and off. I then decided to try transmitting and ended up having over a 15 to 20 min conversation before the battery died. In my conversation I changed from the built in Microphone to another better external Mic because another ham reported that my audio was low or narrow. Changing to the external Mic improved my signal quite a bit. This is a good radio for the price. What really sold me on this radio is the tri RF power levels of 1w/4w/8w, so during my conversation I had an SWR and Watt meter connected. The wattage at High power was at most 5.2w and the mid Wattage was 4.0w and the low wattage was 2.0w this was on 70cm and 2 meters. So to me I was never able to get 8 watts of RF out. Interesting but still worked good at the max 5 watt level. Anyway I gave it three stars because they said it would put out 8 watts but I could never get that kind of output. Good lightweight radio on a budget, just make sure you have backup power for it somehow. Thanks, KF7AIR

Customer Questions & Answers

can this be programmed for gmrs frequencys?

Yes, they can be programmed for GMRS/FRS frequencies. Note however, they are not FCC type accepted for this use, however there are literally millions using them this way. And by the way, for GMRS, you do NOT have to lower power as the FCC now allows 50 watt radios on this band (maybe higher as their rules are changin??

can this be programmed for CB frequencies?

These radios are not for U.S. CB frequencies. In the U.S., CB frequencies are in the HF (~27 MHZ) range, and use AM. These radios work on specified VHF/UHF frequencies and are FM radios. In some other countries (in Europe, I believe) there are VHF or UHF frequencies designated for CB purposes, but that is not the case ??

Has anyone been able to to get the usb cable to work with windows 7? windows see the able as a usb 2.0 serial, but doesnt have a driver for it.
Answer: I have a hard time on widows 10 my old desktop has windows 8 and it works better with it try during different computer and don??t forget to download chirp program to communicate with computer to radio

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BAOFENG 2 Pack 8W Radio+1 Cable+2 speaker 2 Pack Tri-Power 8/4/1W Two-Way Radio Transceiver
BAOFENG 2 Pack 8W Radio+1 Cable+2 speaker 2 Pack Tri-Power 8/4/1W Two-Way Radio Transceiver
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