AVITA Magus II 10.1″ HD Tablet with Detachable Keyboard

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LUXURY STYLE & FEEL – Available in several different colors, the MAGUS 10.1?? offers a luxurious feeling textured folio case in stylish colors that complement your individuality.

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I had gotten 2 Android tablets for my children to do e-learning on this summer. Even though I got protective cases with them, I still got the Asurion protection as well since the kids are young and clumsy.

Sure enough, both tablets got dropped. One ended up with a broken screen, the other had weird lines on the display. I was able to open a case for both of them with Asurion support with no hassle. The screen with the lines was fixed and returned over the weekend. The other tablet couldn’t be fixed, so I had received the full value of the tablet back in Amazon credit, no questions asked. This was the easiest experience I’ve ever had trying to use the warranty for anything I’ve purchased.

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We purchased this plan to cover our son’s Samsung Tab A. We purchase this table at a good price on Amazon $169.99. When the table failed Asurion was quick to respond sent a shipping label, etc. All was going well. Asurion tried to replace our Tab A with what they deemed “like” items. You know a Lenovo tablet with half the memory, slower processor, etc. We refused. Asurion eventually deemed our Tab A unrepairable and issued a refund. The refund was less tax and does not cover the cost to replace our Tab A with a like Tab A due to changes in prices. So not only can we not get a Tab A for a Tab A we are out of a $40 warranty. We do get some funds back, but it’s a small consolation since we can’t do much with it. We can’t buy a replacement Tab A. So I ask the question, what was the point? Asurion certainly did not live up to their SLA, that’s for sure. I’m currently trying to find out what our options are.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Why has the price for the Navy been reduced by $20. 00 ? From $159.99 to $139.99?
Answer: No doubt they want to sell more of that color in their inventory.

Can I use the remote desktop connection?

Ours is not delivered yet, but I can tell you this from its spec: ALL windows PC’s have an RDP client built-in. You will be able to remote from this computer to any computer with RDP hosting enabled. If you want to RDP **INTO** this computer, you may want to look elsewhere. Win10s does not support RDP hosting. You c??

Will Fusion 360 work on this tablet and is the keyboard attached?
Answer: The keyboard is detachable and you can use the tablet on its own. Regarding fusion 360 you will need to check the system requirements and compare to our device to be sure they are compatible.

I bought this back in may and for the first time i let the battery completly die. well now it won’t charge. anything i can do to fix it?
Answer: I??m sorry I have not had that issue. I let mine run down a lot.

Can I load Linux on it?
Answer: Probably, but some of the hardware might not be supported. I would recommend making a windows installer and trying it.

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AVITA Magus II 10.1″ HD Tablet with Detachable Keyboard
AVITA Magus II 10.1″ HD Tablet with Detachable Keyboard
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