AudioVox DS7321PK 7-Inch Swivel Portable DVD Player W/Mount Kit

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7-Inch TFT display

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I have dealt with this warrenty company before. They are awesome to work with. I left a wrong rating on this site by accident. I apologize sincerely. They are a great warrenty company. Again I apology for my mistake. The incorrect one has been removed.

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FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD! I purchased a high quality portable radio from Amazon, and also bought the 3 year extended warranty. The radio is back ordered for a MONTH, yet the warranty starts the day of purchase! I talked to the Asurion representative, and was told “that’s our policy”. So I’m paying for 36 months of warranty, but receiving lass than 35 months. This is fraud, and I’m reporting it to rhe Attorney General.

Customer Questions & Answers

Are these smart enough to pick up where they left off when stopping the car (e.g. for a pit stop) and restarting?

If the unit with the DVD player is turned off or if its backup battery dies, the movie will start over just like if a DVD player was unplugged and plugged back in. But because these have a battery backup, you won’t have to worry about pit stops. The movie still plays when the vehicle is turned off as long as the batter??

Does this come with a strap to connect it to the back of the head rest, instead of the mounting brackets?
Answer: I dont believe it did, however the brackets for the seat head rests working AMAZINGLY well. I am very impressed with the mounts and the players themselves. When not in use I disconnect the players from the headrest mounts for storage and the mounts do not interfere in anyway with the normal operation of the headrest.

does this kit include a wall charger and an auto power adapter?
Answer: Yes, my set included both power adapters.

does it have a timer or sleep mode
Answer: no it doesnt

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AudioVox DS7321PK 7-Inch Swivel Portable DVD Player W/Mount Kit
AudioVox DS7321PK 7-Inch Swivel Portable DVD Player W/Mount Kit
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