Apple Composite AV Cable

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Easily connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to the composite video inputs on a TV. The cable also features audio and USB connectors, and a USB Power Adapter is included.

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If you have problems with getting a good connection between your iPod and stereo, buy this cable.

For years, I have had sound problems when connecting my iPods to my stereo systems (stereo system meaning the old style with receiver, turntable, speakers – and even a cassette deck at one time). I always used a 3.5 mm to RCA audio cord with the 3.5 mm connection into the headphone jack on the iPod and the RCA connectors into the jacks on the stereo receiver/amplifier. The problem is that the sound would cut in and out of 1 speaker or the other. I made several changes – replacing the 3.5 mm to RCA audio cord, adjusting the volume on the iPod, adjusting the volume on the stereo, changing which jacks on the receiver are used (e.g., from turntable to tape to CD to auxiliary), but nothing solved the problem.

I have 2 iPods and 2 stereo systems and the same problem occurs no matter which combination of iPod and stereo system.

Finally, I purchased the Apple Composite AV Cable and the problem is solved. It seems as though the dock connectors on the iPods provide a much better audio connection than the headphone connections. No more cutting in and out.

The only complaint I have is that the connection to the iPod via the dock connector is not very secure. If the wire is hit or the iPod is bumped, the connector will often fall out. But, this is a minor problem since it is easy to sit the iPod next to the receiver and string the wires where they will not be hit when using any knobs or buttons on the receiver or iPod.

Top Critical Review

The item I received was defective and not working and it??s nothing like genuine Apple products FAKE but I threw the package box away and I can??t return it so don??t waste your money and if you want one so order through Walmart so same price

Customer Questions & Answers

I have an old sega genius, can i use this connector to play this on my ipad?
Answer: If it??s 32 pin, yes

Has anyone tried this in their car that has red white and yellow spots for the TVs in vehicle?
Answer: I have those color spots on my tv and I??ve been able to use my old iPod touch.

I only have audio, no video. Any idea why?
Answer: It depends on what video you are trying to connect. Certain videos have DRM rights and are not permitted to transfer from device to device.

Will this work from apple iPad to toshiba tv?
Answer: Yes. As long as you have hdmi input ports on the back of your tv

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Apple Composite AV Cable
Apple Composite AV Cable
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