Anker Outlet Extender with USB Wall Plug

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Got it for the bathroom so I could keep my, and my wife’s toothbrushes charged at the same time rather than switching plugs all the time. Works as advertised in a nice compact form factor. We don’t use the USB ports on the bottom but they’ll come in handy if we travel with it as well

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Top Critical Review

I would easily give this product a 5 star rating except for 1 Serious Design Flaw. Why are the USB connections on the bottom of the plug? It’s a pain to use this plug because it this in my opinion, and the USB connections are completely worthless depending on the orientation of the wall socket and depending what other items you may already have plugged in. The USB being on the bottom the these plugs gets in the way. Make no sense. Won’t buy these again because of this.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Will this stop my electronics from drawing power when off?

If you mean does this unit still draw power when your devices are not plugged in, yes it does. All chargers draw a small amount of current when they are plugged in. This unit has an LED for example, that lights up when it is plugged in and the charging circuit consumes a small amount of current all the time. If you ??

How many amps are the USB outlets?

Greetings. 120 AC volts is the input voltage. It has an internal power supply which converts to 5 DC Volts at the USB Output (Typical USB Voltage). At 12 Watts?? the total is 2.4 amps shared between the 2 ports. This means that you can only use one port at a time if you plan to charge a tablet like the iPad which normal??

I have teyga cable box and i think it’s fit. what is the dimension of this outlet?
Answer: The dimension of this outlet is 3.15 x 1.65 x 1.18 inches.

Is this safe to use with an extension cord?

Yes, it is. Make sure the extension cord is not overly heavy and pull on this unit so the contact is good between the wall outlet and this plug. Also observe all applicable rules and current ratings of your wall outlet, this unit and the extension cord. In general, I would say, do not use this unit plus an extension co??

Will this charge a samsung note 8 and samsung note 20 ultra directly from the usb ports without issues?
Answer: I have a samsung s20 plus it charges no problem so i believe it will charge anything as long you have the usb or c cable

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Anker Outlet Extender with USB Wall Plug
Anker Outlet Extender with USB Wall Plug
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