Akiba’s Beat – PlayStation Vita

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Real-Time Action RPG Combat – Touch enemies on the map to be transported into a party-based real-time combat scene where skill and reflexes alike are put to the test

Top Positive Review

Years after coming out, Akiba??s Beat is still a fun quirky little anime inspired Japanese Role Playing Game with about 40+ hours of content (or even more if you??re a level grinder and fall in love with the battle system). While the battle system is not unlike many other JRPGs in the genre, it is flashy enough and quirky enough to be addicting and honestly carve a place out for itself to be something fun and memorable. Honestly, I had a blast with it and imagine others would too.

The story itself is quite compelling with everyone being stuck in an eternal Sunday and having to deal with addressing their own delusions about themselves or their futures to better learn about themselves and grow and mature. It is the typical coming of age story that most are familiar with, but it has aspects to it that make it memorable and certainly enough to be addicting to stick with for a few weeks or so to reach the end and the true ending. Getting to the anime cutscenes (though few) is a motivation for anime leaning fans to play to the end.
While there is not much in terms of the original soundtrack with only the main overworld theme being memorable and the battle theme being addicting yet tiring, the game does excel with its use of character songs from Japanese voice actors that anime fans and JRPG fans are familiar with.

Overall it is a great game, the DLC is fun too, tons of costumes for a really low price.

Top Critical Review

This game was incredibly disappointing. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

It’s really unfortunate, because this game does have its strong points. Some of the voice acting in particular is well done, and several of the character designs are pretty good.

But the game is designed around the idea of forcing back-tracking through dungeons you’ve already explored, as well as grinding on the player. And the support voice lines get really, REALLY repetitive. And while its predecessor, Akiba’s Trip, does a good job of capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the real world Akihabara, this game manages to make the city feel like a hollow shell. The exploration isn’t rewarding at all.

Customer Questions & Answers

Is the Japanese voice in the game or is it a download
Answer: In the game. You get to choose whether or not you want the voice and subtitle in Japanese or English

Is this a turn based game or is it like star ocean where u only control 1 character
Answer: You can control each character as they become part of your team. As in, set one of them to be the main, and go around the city and fight

is this the US version?
Answer: The one I purchased through this listing was indeed the US version. I hope this helps!

Do i need to play akiba’strip before i play this one?
Answer: Akiba’Strip has a story that’s not super serious. I can’t see it being crucial to this game to play it. I can however recommend it highly and if it goes on sale super cheap get it

Does it need a memory card?
Answer: in order save your game yes. otherwise no.

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Akiba’s Beat – PlayStation Vita
Akiba’s Beat – PlayStation Vita
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