8 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator

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Displays up to 8 digits

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I bought this calculator after I spilled coffee over the one I always have on my home office desk. I needed a basic calculator – no fancy bells or whistles, just reliable, easy to read calculations. I’ve been using it daily for over a week and find nothing to complain about: operates on dual power (solar/battery) so is bright and clear even when stored in a drawer for a while; easy to read display, large number/function keys that are easy to locate and read, very reasonable price, – the cute color doesn’t hurt either.

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We ordered this calculator for our son’s birthday. When it arrived, it was immediately clear that the display was broken as the electronic ink was permanently shown on the display at the right hand side. I returned the calculator without opening the package and requested a replacement.

The seller quickly sent a replacement with no issue. The new calculator appeared to be in normal condition when it arrived. We gave it to our kid yesterday for his birthday, but after opening the package, he quickly discovered that the buttons don’t work properly all the time. He has to really press hard on the buttons to get anything to register, and strangely, regardless of the button he pushes, the display only registers 7s.

I took the battery out, then put it back in after a minute. It seemed to work properly for a few minutes, but then started having the same issues.

Unfortunately we ordered the replacement early enough before his birthday that the 30-day return window has passed now that his birthday arrived. It’s too late to return, and I’m hesitant to purchase another because of issues with the first two.

The calculator looks nice and has big buttons. It looks like it should work well!
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Customer Questions & Answers

is the screen baclit for nightime use?
Answer: No it is only made for daytime use

Does this calcualtor continue to show the digits input when you are adding multiple numbers (ex. 25 + 25 + 10)?
Answer: No, like most basic calculators your string of entries is not kept. With your example you enter 25, press +, screen shows 25, press 25, screen shows 25, press +, screen shows 50, press 10, screen shows 10, press =, screen shows 60.

does kalkulator have a battery?
Answer: It says that it has a solar cell battery DC 1.5 v.

Are the buttons fairly responsive? Do you have to hit them squarely or do they respond to off angle taps? Thanks.
Answer: The buttons are fairly responsive. You don’t have to hit them in a certain way to be responsive. It is a good product, I been using it for years, only one of the bottoms got stock for a moment. I think I pushed too hard.

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8 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator
8 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator
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