5.0 Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling Crystal Sound 2.0 inch Multicolor Screen Wireless Radio Adapter

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BLUETOOTH 5.0 & QC3.0 CHARGE: Bluetooth 5.0 maintain stability to the largest extend ,advanced to the most bluetooth version in the market.MCU+DSP Dual Core processor makes it transmitter faster and steadier. Quick Charge 3.0 recharges your compatible devices up to four times faster than conventional charging,and support 2 devices charge at the same time

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I purchased a Tripp Lite surge protector TLP128TTUSBB on July 1, 2019. It provided 4320 joules of surge protection for a loved one’s pacemaker monitor. A crazy powerful lightning storm went through my neighborhood in September of 2019. The lightning strikes were so close that the thunder shook our wooden frame house! The next day, the green LED for “Protected” would no longer light. It never went on again. I looked through the device’s manual. It clearly stated that if that LED is not lit, the surge protector is no longer providing any surge protection. The next electric surge might fry everything connected to the Tripp Lite. I took a similar Tripp Lite surge protector from my bedside (which was protecting a charger connected to my $650 Samsung Galaxy S8+) and relocated it to protect the pacemaker monitor. I quickly ordered another Tripp Lite surge protector and hoped it would arrive before the next lightning storm zapped my phone.

The replacement arrived, and I forgot to file a claim with Asurion or Tripp Lite until today. It turned out that Tripp Lite, while willing to replace the surge protector if the “Protected” LED went out, was unwilling to shoulder the cost of shipping the non-functional device back to them. Tripp Lite would not replace the device unless the non-functional one was sent to them. I’m not mad or disappointed at Tripp Lite. After all, even with the shipping cost, I would still come out ahead (The cost of the device was $27.33, and the shipping cost would be significantly less.) I could also just drive over to their headquarters in Chicago. I live only 30 miles away.

However, I remembered I had bought a protection plan. I filed the claim online. Asurion required the protection plan’s “Order Number”. I found it in the email Asurion sent me when I bought the protection plan. I answered a few other questions like when did the device stop working properly, how much did I pay for the device, what happened, etc. I finished filing the claim in less than 5 minutes. They gave me a reference number and stated that they’ll reimburse me with an Amazon gift card within 3 business days. I was astonished when they sent me an email with the Amazon eGiftcard a few minutes later! I’ve since entered it into my account. It was for the full amount I paid for the device back in July. The whole process didn’t take 10 minutes! It all worked very smoothly. I’m impressed.

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Nothin but a run around. I have a defective product that I was trying to get replaced and after filling out all of their forms they tell me to take it up with the manufacturer. What is the point for paying for this if they won??t even replace the product. Not to mention non of it is through Amazon it??s all 3rd party. Don??t waste your money.
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Customer Questions & Answers

How do you pause/stop the music from playing on your phone (without touching your phone)?
Answer: Just press play / pause. If there is no response, you need to first open the APP on the mobile phone or start the playback first, and then you can operate on the product.

Does it have a power on/off button or switch?
Answer: There is no switch button, just unplug it when you are not using it

fm transmitter have too much interference. Can I connect this device to my stereo via aux cord and play bluetooth through my phone to the stereo?
Answer: Yes

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5.0 Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling Crystal Sound 2.0 inch Multicolor Screen Wireless Radio Adapter
5.0 Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling Crystal Sound 2.0 inch Multicolor Screen Wireless Radio Adapter
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