4K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 100 Feet

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Fiber HDMI Cable is One Direction Transmission, The Source Plug Connect Video Devices such as Blu-ray Player, Apple tv etc. The Display Plug Connect Display Device such as TV, Projector, Moniter etc

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I have my receiver setup across the room so I needed a long HDMI cable to run to my TV. I bought the 50′ Fiber Optic one and it works great. 4K picture is clear and no distortion. ARC works well with no issues. One thing to make sure with the fiber optic cables is there is a SOURCE and a DISPLAY end, the ends are not universal. The source end is plugged into my audio receiver and the display end is plugged into my TV. I was worried that ARC wouldn’t work because of the whole source/display thing but it all works as it should. I have ARC working from my TV and other sources working from my audio receiver. The cable is fairly thin but that is to be expected. It is very high quality and packaged well.

Before viewing this product I didn’t know there was such a thing as fiber optic HDMI cables. Once I researched further I found out that is what I needed because I needed 50′ and didn’t want to skimp on resolution quality. Love the chart they have on here for the cable length and quality. iBirdie were the only ones that actually showed the difference with cable length and quality/resolution. Very happy with this purchase.

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… I was starting to experience intermittent signal losses. First of all, I’m using this cable from my amplifier Yamaha first and then Denon (both new models from 2020-21) to my 4K projector. I’ve got the optic fiber version to get the best performance.

After many tests, I found this new cable is the problem. By just replacing that with another HDMI everything works perfectly. I bought this cable after reading all the amazing reviews on Amazon…

After 2 months now I’m out of the return window, so all I can do is writing a review to help other users: look around.
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Customer Questions & Answers

I need an hdmi cable to go 125 feet. can i get this 100 foot fiber optic hdmi cable plus a 25 foot regular hdmi cable?

It is recommended to use a 125-foot HDMI cable.

HDMI adapter or HDMI switch or HDMI plate will weaken the HDMI signal, causing a black screen or screen cut in/out. Please use only one HDMI cable, one end connected to the player, the other end connected to the screen, without any HDMI adapter or plate,and so on.

A 100??

Does the fiber optic version support ARC?
Answer: Yes

I purchased for extended-run hdmi without needing power; the listing doesn’t say it needs power, but the instructions do. can it work without power?

The HDMI port provides power support for the HDMI cable, and the power provided by some HDMI ports is unstable. Using USB power can solve the problem of instability of the HDMI port power.

There are instructions in the product description???You need to use the HDMI USB power cable that comes with in the HDMI box to con??

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4K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 100 Feet
4K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 100 Feet
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