?2021 Upgrade? WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

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?100% Wireless & Cordless? Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery and Connect with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (Not Support 5GHz Wifi). The installation and connection of security camera are 100% wireless, makes you enjoy the convenience of not have to deal with any outlets or annoying wires. (Please fully charge the batteries before the first use)

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I recently had to made a claim and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was.

After going to Asurion.com and entering my Amazon purchase #, I was sent a link to print out a return label. I boxed up the item and within a short while of dropping it off at a UPS store, I received a voucher for replacement.

I promptly reordered the item and paid for the new replacement policy.

Great Peace of mind for items in the $50 or more price point.

Highly recommended!

I hope this helps someone with their purchase decision.

As Always, May God Bless you and yours!

Top Critical Review

1. Breakdown caused by accidental damage, spilled liquids
(unless you purchased a portable electronic product)
insect infestation, misuse, abuse, or intentional physical
2. Service performed by unauthorized repair personnel;
3. Parts intended for periodic replacement (for example:
trimmer line, antennas, cartridges, styluses, records,
audio/video disks, tapes, computer software or disks,
print elements, external power supplies, spark plugs,
filters, plumbing, filters, knobs, remotes, batteries, bags,
belts, bulbs and/or lamps);
4. Cosmetic damage, including scratches, peelings or dents
that do not impede the mechanical functionality of the
item (unless otherwise provided for above) and problems
due to improper installation;
5. Damage resulting from Acts of God;
6. Covered products with altered or missing serial numbers;
7. Consequential or incidental damages, including but not
limited to, loss of use, loss of business, loss of profits,
loss of data, down-time and charges for time and effort,
except as otherwise stated herein;
8. ??No Problem Found?? diagnosis or failure to follow the
manufacturer??s instructions;
9. Any failures, parts and/or labor costs incurred that are
associated with a manufacturer??s recall, regardless of
the manufacturer??s ability to pay for such repairs;
10. Pre-existing conditions;
11. Service or replacement outside of the USA;
12. Products not originally covered by a store return policy
or manufacturer??s warranty, including, but not limited to,
floor models;
13. Damages caused by third-party actions, fire, collision,
vandalism or theft;
14. Liability or damage to property, or injury or death to any
person or pet arising out of the operation, maintenance or
use of the covered product;
15. Cost of preventative maintenance and damages caused
by improper preventative maintenance;
16. Seized or damaged parts resulting from failure to
maintain proper levels of lubricants or coolants, from
use of contaminated or improper lubricants, from use of
stale, contaminated, or improper fuel, or from freezing or
17. Covered products with safety feature(s) removed,
bypassed disabled or altered;
18. Any damage or loss to any data or operating system,
including damage or loss as a result of any repairs or
replacement under this Plan;
19. Damage which is not reported within thirty (30) days after
expiration of this Plan;
20. Damages resulting from war, invasion or act of foreign
enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, riot, strike, labor
disturbance, lockout or civil commotion;
21. Costs or damage resulting from negligence, misuse or
22. Covered products used for commercial purposes (multiuser organizations), public rental or communal use in
multi-family housing;
23. Introduction of foreign objects; and
24. Inherent defects that are the responsibility of the

Customer Questions & Answers

Is the device waterproof?
Answer: Yes, the video doorbell is IP65 waterproof.

How much is cloud storage?
Answer: No Subscription. No Monthly Fee.

This wireless video doorbell can store all moments to the cloud when motion is detected. The cloud service provides off-site backup of these critical moments and also allows you to access and playback video history anytime, from anywhere. We offer 7-day FREE Cloud Storage.

Can this be installed without drilling?

Of course, the video doorbell can be installed by 3M glue, which included in the package.

Just attach 3M glue to the back cover of the doorbell, and attach it to the door, very easy to install.


What happens after 7 Days of free cloud storage would you have to pay afterwards? Or are you saying that there are 7 days worth of cloud storage and a
Answer: 7-day loop, permanent free cloud storage, The day 8 will automatically delete day 1 cloud storage.

Any problems, please feel free to contact me, and I will try my best to satisfy you!

Does this must use a wifi?
Answer: Of course, the video doorbell is connected with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi , not support 5GHz Wifi.

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?2021 Upgrade? WiFi Video Doorbell Camera
?2021 Upgrade? WiFi Video Doorbell Camera
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