Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway – Hiking Trails in North Georgia

Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway – Hiking Trails in North Georgia

The 469 mile long Blue Ridge Parkway is often said to be the most scenic drive in America. Beginning near Cherokee, NC, the parkway winds through the gorgeous Smokey Mountains and passes through the Pisgah National Forest, as well as the Shenandoah National Forest, before ending just before the Alabama/Georgia line at Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ancient Native American Indians considered this route to be holy, and they traveled on horseback for many years, passing through the region on their way to the Waco andacan Indian villages. Established in 1939, the Blue Ridge Parkway was designed as a way to connect the parks and other public areas with popular motorways across the nation.

Perhaps the most entrancing part of the Blue Ridge Parkway is its section between North Georgia and Tennessee. The 56 mile long Mount Vernon Trail leads hikers to a variety of mountains, and its panoramic views are breathtaking. panorama many breathtaking overlooks

Perhaps the most notable section of the trail is Whyte Ridge Road which links Whyte’s Mountain with the Appalachian Trail. Whyte Ridge is also the name of a Cherokee word meaning to “mountain of the moon.” The mountain is higher than Flat Iron and hosts a visitor’s center that gives visitors the chance to check out the waterfall, as well as mount and tree horizons.

Wildcats usually view the mountain frombooksalone. The Blue Ridge Mountain Range is particularly noted for its forests. Many of the trees in the mountain range have white bark and white leaves that contrast brightly with the background sky. The mountain laurel and rhododendron forests may be especially good for photography.

In the southeastern part of the state, the Roanoke MountainWhytemust be on your short list of places to visit. The natural wonder is not actually in North Carolina, butTodayis officially the place to go if you’re interested in seeing both natural and man-made wonders in one location.

As you can see, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a great way to see some of the most beautiful natural settings and scenic splendor the United States has to offer. Just outside of the park there are a number of different places to go hiking, bike riding, and camping. However, you will find most of the activities in GatlinburgLocated right in the heart of the whyte mountain range, Gatlinburg is full of activities year-round.

This site is a great place to check out if you are interested in sleeping under the stars, visiting a variety of different attractions, or camping at a place called Horsehead Lake. This area is full of trails, wildlife, and great camping spots. It is a great place to hit if you are interested in either sightseeing or camping.

You can find more information about the Blue Ridge Parkway at The Blue Ridge mountain range runs through the middle of the park. Many of the most popular hiking trails run right through the middle of the park, such as the Roosevelt Mtn. and Gunpowder Falls trails. These trails are very popular with hikers and families.

If you plan on visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee, make sure you plan to stay overnight. Gatlinburg is a wonderful vacation destination that lies just a short day’s drive from Nashville. During the day the city is quiet and hardly anybody lives there, but at night the city is inhabited by hordes of party people. Many of the Gatlinburg visitors are day hikers who just want to spend a night and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Once you are through with Gatlinburg, you will be on your way to Cherokee Guided tours and a great bunch of Cherokee guides who will show you how to hike, camp, cook and more!

As with any hiking in Tennessee, you will want to bring extra clothing. The reason for this is that there is a heavy load of Kentucky hill country in which hikers must stay on the trail to avoid slips and falls. Bring warm clothing, light colors, and a light rain jacket if hiking in the summertime. If you are planning to hike the Gunpowder Falls Trail, bring heavy pants and jackets to protect your legs and shoulders from the powerful forces of the waterfalls. However, the heavy clothing you need probably won’t be needed, unless you plan on river rafting after all!

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